About Paragon Feeds Corp.



The Krahn family started poultry farming in Abbotsford in 1951 selling eggs to the local market. Over the years the farm expanded to raise turkeys and broilers and in 1996 Paragon Feeds Corp. was established.

Paragon Feeds Corp. and Paragon Farms continue to be a family operated farm spanning 3 generations and are focused on providing the highest quality eggs, poultry and feed. Thanks to the excellence of our employees, process and technological innovations, the Krahn Group of Companies strives to promote growth and sustainability in everything we do.


Paragon Farms

Paragon Farms is where we farm turkeys, chickens and eggs.

Our birds are always fed a high quality, nutritious diet.


Want to Know More About Our Products?

Paragon Feeds Corp. provides high quality, Organic and Conventional Feeds.